Saturday, 9 July 2016

WiFi Controlled RGB LED Strip

Those IR remotes used to control RGB LED strips can sometimes become irritating due to their limited range and hunting for the remote when you can't find it. This simple, yet effective project can solve a problem by controlling your strips via your smartphone over WiFi. Controlling over a web server means that it can be controlled from anywhere in the world! Having an internet connection isn't a problem as most of the people already have it for their daily use. So now you can make your christmas decorations or room lights better with this device.
The project uses the Mediatek Linkit ONE as the base which had in-built WiFi so you don't need any external shields or modules except one which would be needed to power the LED strips which require a higher output current than Linkit ONE can provide.
The best thing about RGB LED strips is that combining the three primary colors- Red, Green and Blue, you can produce an infinite range of colors with great effects. They are much better and consume much less current than normal christmas decoration lights. You can use this project as a great alternative for night lamps, decorations, ambient lighting and the best- Your christmas tree, coz christmas in coming! So get your things ready and start making this project NOW!

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