Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Soccer Robot

Complete step by step instructions:
If you love to make robots and see them rolling around your house, then you'll love this one too! This robot can play soccer by dribbling and kicking a ball, though not as good as Messi or Ronaldo. It is controlled using a smartphone with wireless bluetooth connection which enables you to make many of them and have a robot soccer match!
This project uses the Mediatek Linkit ONE as it's control centre. It is connected to a bluetooth module which receives data from a smartphone and then sends it to the chip which then processes it and does a task accordingly. For movements, the robot uses two plastic geared motors (300 RPM) while for kicking the ball, it uses a micro servo motor connected to a metal shaft. As for the power, it uses a 6v battery pack which consists of 4 1.5v AA batteries to power the geared motors + a 3.7v lithium battery to power linkit one, BT module and servo motor. The entire project can be completed within 2-3 hrs with some basic soldering skills and a little knowledge about using linkit one.
Although the robot looks complex externally, but making it is a very simple task thus it can be one of those 'Simple Bots'. I have personally tested the robot and the result turned out to be great! I am so sorry for not publishing a video.
Complete step by step instructions:

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