Saturday, 16 January 2016

Do It-Yourself Travel Speakers

Make Your Own Travel Speakers with just one of the basic electronic parts!
Do you face a situation in your life that while travelling, camping or in outdoors you and your friends/relatives want to hear to some music which has to be loud? In such a situation you would plug in your earphones, raise the volume, just relax and listen to music. But what about others? Speakers can be a better and healthier option to listen together. But the problem comes when you have to carry those large, bulky speakers in your suitcase or backpack which should not be a good idea. They are expensive and need to be plugged to an external power supply which is not available everywhere. Portable speakers can be a better option but they are too expensive and some of them do not have that loud and clear sound. Why don't make your own portable- battery operated and solar powered speakers that has sound much louder and better quality than normal portable speakers? 
The project consists of two amplifier circuits each connected to an 8ohm, 1watt speakers. The amplifier circuit has LM386 IC which known for its less price and good sound. The speaker has an aux input which can be connected to any audio device (such as your iPod, mp3 player, tablet, phone or a DVD player). It also has a volume control feature for each speaker controlled using a potentiometer (or variable resistor) for each. The speakers are battery operated which can last for greater than one day for an 8v, 1.0ah battery pack. Since, the power consumed by the project is less, it can also be powered using a solar panel in bright sunlight (see step 18). The sound produced by the speaker is louder and clearer even than what you expect! It can also be used to watch movies with your friends using a phone or tablet attached to it and kept on a clamp as the speaker of your phone or tablet is not capable to produce a loud sound (see step 19). The materials used to make it are simple like cardboard, tape, paints etc. and no power tools are required to make it which makes it a good weekend project and to get started with electronics.
Here is a video of the project in action:

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